Wooden decks are widely used outdoors, especially because they are made of a material that has the power to bring life and beauty to balconies, pools and gardens. The decks form paths among the green in the gardens, or delimit areas that can function as sunshades, playgrounds for children, table areas etc. They can be custom-ordered, or they can be purchased on plates that are positioned on an existing floor or subfloor (this type is easy to clean, allows for position change and even removal in case of change)

Base or baseboard

They are pieces that vary from 5 to 10 cm in height fixed at the bottom of the wall, close to the floor. Today, 7 cm baseboards are more widely used, that is, they come with the cable attached to the baseboard, facilitating finishing at the junction of the floor with the baseboard and serve to protect against shocks and especially against washing water and appliances. hair removal.


Solid wood remains a popular choice for many parts of the cabinet, including bases, frames and doors. However, most commercial cabinets have plywood or chipboard sides, backs, and bottoms. Classic style solid wood cabinets are more expensive and many consumers opt for cabinets that incorporate many chipboard or plywood components to reduce costs..

Cabinet body. The enclosure housing is usually made of plywood or high quality particle board, especially for flat sections that do not need to be molded

Cabinet frames and doors may be made of solid wood (usually a hardwood species), medium density fiberboard (MDF), particle board, plywood, or a combination and may include lamination or surface cladding. about them. main materials

Commitment: Solid wood versus particle board. Solid wood and plywood are durable and durable but are more expensive and offer less dimensional stability in manufacturing than particle board. For cabinets and surface finishes that may be damaged during prolonged use, maintenance is a consideration. In case of damage, solid wood can be repaired by a qualified non-manufacturer furniture refiner for a perfect match with the surrounding finish.


Turnkey Advantages: The possibility of hiring an engineering or architecture office to supervise suppliers and manage the daily process obstacles is a positive for the customer. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the hired office needs to be composed of specialized professionals with a range of activities that ensures the final delivery with safety and reliability. Concern about the possibility of delays in the deadlines, which is harmful to the contracted office, can be previously resolved as is usual in large contracts where fines are imposed for non-compliance with the rules. Another advantage is the ability to follow the progress of the project even remotely if the responsible team makes available photos and videos of the progress of the service – in addition to weekly meetings via the internet, which is especially favorable for multinational companies. Construction analysts point out that initial project detailing is an important point to make the customer understandable as all steps in the process will be missed, including budget clarity and timeliness. This justifies the need for the contracted office to establish in advance, together with the various suppliers, how the schedule will be set up, avoiding delays – managing teams is a fundamental step for the smooth progress of the relationship between the parties involved in the business.